The Apparel Company with a Mission to Combat the Water Crisis.

We're working with grass roots teams to create sustainable water in the developing world. Every item purchased provides someone with access to 1L of safe water per day for 25 years.

We're passionate about water for one simple reason: water is essential for human life.
The water crisis is perhaps the most devastating and urgent social issues in all of human kind. People are suffering everyday and it can be stopped. 
All of our clothing is crafted by North American manufacturers.
Our partnerships with Canadian garment manufacturers helps maintain control over quality and reduces our environmental impact. We're socially aware and recognize the importance of keeping our products out of sweatshops. 
We believe in creating shared value.
That's why everything we sell impacts someone profoundly. We're making awesome clothes so we can give people on the other side of the world a chance to build and develop their own tools to gain access to safe water everyday.
We're not just giving, we're empowering.
Every water project not only saves lives, but also helps with development, employment, health and sustainability of villages in Africa. The bio-filters do not require any chemicals or replacement parts to operate and they are constructed out of locally available materials.

Safe Water Project

Hydrated World works with the Safe Water Project (based in Africa). They exist to empower communities to sustainably provide safe water. The Project works to train leaders within these communities to build and test the biosand filters to ensure the water is free of contaminants. For every water filter, 100% of the costs go back into the African economy.