Brand Ambassador: Chad Strudwick

Meet Master Corporal Chad Strudwick - Ride Across Canada for Safe Water


Chad has been a part of the Hydrated World family since inception, embodying what it means to be a global citizen. Chad enthusiastically accepts adventure, setting out to experience our nation with little more than a bicycle and time. Chad’s 7,000 km coast-to-coast trek will begin in Victoria, BC and finish in St. John’s, NL. Chad has been a member of 31 Combat Engineer Regiment for nearly a decade and is a dedicated volunteer with St. John Ambulance Canada. He’s volunteered with Hydrated World over the past three years and has helped to raise awareness and promote the Safe Water Project.


We asked Chad about his motivation for cycling 7,000 km in nearly 70 days and this is what he had to say:



Why do you want to ride across Canada?

Truthfully, I’ve always thought about it, but I think the ride we did to the Wiseman’s cottage earlier this summer helped to bring the idea to life. Cycling that distance over the weekend with best friends was exciting, having that challenge together is like kindling to connect.

Do you have any fears going into this ride, since you’ll be alone?

Oh yeah, bears! I checked with the airline and bear repellent is a banned travel item. Hopefully I won’t rub shoulders with one. In Waterloo I’m with my friends everyday, so to be away for nearly two and a half months I’m sure to get lonesome. The burden of the whole trip is upon my shoulders, carrying all of the gear, route planning, and meals. I think that it also offers a freedom; I can set my own pace and wander as a nomad and take the country in on my own terms.

How were you able to make the time for this journey?

I recently completed my schooling and when I first began tinkering with the idea of cycling across Canada, I thought to myself that if I didn’t have a job out of the gates that I would take a trip somewhere. As it is, I don’t have work but I do have time to journey and discover. Although it’s unconventional, I’ll be working harder on my bicycle and with the time I can digest the world I’m now on the cusp of exiting and think about the world I’m entering. I think the ride will be substantial and hopefully the experience will be one that all things before and after can be measured from.

In early 2016 Chad decided to run a marathon on a whim. Having only slightly trained, he managed a time that would gladden an experienced marathoner. After, his friends asked why he hadn’t fundraised for a cause. This time, when he decided to bike across Canada he figured he’d like the fruits of his labor to benefit a positive project. Every dollar raised by the Canadian rider will go directly to the Safe Water Project in South Sudan to fund biosand filters for vulnerable people in the community. If you want to support this campaign you can donate above.